Service & Mission

Our Mission for 2018

You will make the fiftieth year holy, proclaiming freedom throughout the land to all its inhabitants.
It will be a Jubilee year for you...
Leviticus 25:10
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Our Purpose

Our purpose is to build a community where persons encounter God's love, hear Christ's call, and serve with the Spirit's help.

Our Vision

We at Good Shepherd United Methodist Church are to be a garden of growing disciples of Jesus Christ where the seeds of God's grace are planted in the lives of all who are in need, faith is growing in the lives of believers, and the fruit of the Spirit is made evident in the church and the larger community.

Core Values

» All persons are graciously welcomed and valued.
» Healthy relationships are formed between people.
» Ongoing faith formation and personal growth is vital.
» Concern for justice and social holiness.
» We care for the world as God's creation.
» We are committed to giving our very best to God.
» We are open to new ways in which God is working.
» We expect the fruit of the Spirit to flourish in us and others.

Core Beliefs

» God's love is available to all people.
» God's love embraces us and transforms us.
» Jesus Christ is the embodiment of God's love and power.
» Jesus Christ calls all persons to a life of radical love and service.
» Faith in Jesus Christ is more about discipleship than membership.
» The church is both a gift and calling.
» The Bible is the authoritative, living Word of God.
» Faith in Jesus Christ is more about relationship than rules, more about who we know (Jesus Christ) than what we know.
» Faith in Jesus Christ is about head, heart and hands.